Dear Parents and Students,
Your child is enrolled in Algebra 1 Honors for the 2016-2017 school year. This is a ninth grade course. As such, your child’s grade in this course will be used in high school grade point average calculation. In addition, all students enrolled in this course must take AND pass an End of Course (EOC) examination, in order to receive high school credit.
Please note that if your child is currently in sixth grade, he/she will be skipping two years of mathematics, including the seventh grade curriculum as well as Pre-Algebra. If your child is currently in seventh grade, he/she will be skipping one year of Pre-Algebra.
It is important for all students to be as prepared as possible to meet the expectations of this rigorous high school course. Since students will be skipping very important concepts taught in seventh and eighth grade, it is highly recommended that students take advantage of district resources that will assist in filling the gaps. There are several options in place that students should take advantage of during the summer:

These resources are provided by the MDCPS:
  • Edgenuity FSA Algebra 1 Readiness Course: This course provides video lessons and practice questions to help students gain mastery over pre-algebra concepts. Parents and students will have access through the parent/student portal, under "Apps/Services/Sites." All 6th and 7th grade students will automatically be registered in this course.

  • Algebra 1 Readiness Packet: This packet will be available in the parent/student portal. Just log in to the portal, select "Resources," then "Math", then "Summer_Learning."

Additionally, the following resources are also available:
  • Algebra Nation: The "On-Ramp to Algebra 1" tool begins with an adaptive assessment and then prescribes videos and practice questions tailored towards helping each individual student prepare for Algebra 1. Algebra Nation is available via the portal, under "Apps/Services/Sites."
  • Khan Academy: Students can create an account on and complete “Missions” in the grade levels/subjects they will be missing. Students entering 7th grade Algebra 1 should complete 7th grade and 8th grade/pre-algebra. Students entering 8th grade Algebra 1 should complete 8th grade/pre-algebra.

We are looking forward to a great 2016-2017 school year!
Have a great summer!
See you soon!